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Taurus could want to turn a FWB-ship into a relationship. Still, if both members of an FWB arrangement are happy with turning the friendship into a relationship, it can be wonderful. That being said, Taurus is an extremely sensual sign, and they tend to find the path of least resistance very appealing. Cancer is known for its loving and caring tendencies.

She explains that this means that they might not be perfectly suited for FWB, but if they are already in an arrangement like this, they tend to be extremely caring and romantic. This could be exactly the type of FWB you're looking for or want to be , or it could be more serious than what you want, so just be sure to articulate your desires clearly.

People of every sign can definitely be an FWB.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Some zodiac signs might be more predisposed to FWB than others, and it's always good to keep the communication open to make sure you and your partner are both happy with the situation. And if you're satisfied with your FWB, happy stargazing!

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By Ginny Hogan. Leo July 23 — Aug. Chances are, you're a different type of friend to so many different people. You're your friends' biggest fan and you'll go to great lengths to make sure they know it. When you're in the audience at one of their plays or recitals, you're cheering them on louder than everyone else combined. When they're going through a hard time, your positive energy always gives them the push they need to keep on going. You're a rock in your friends' lives and they know you'll never go anywhere, no matter how difficult life gets.

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You never break your promises and you're always defending their names when they're not around. You're the type of friend who brags about being someone's friend. Whenever you're around, your friends are laughing uncontrollably.

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You have such a fun and frisky perspective of life, your buddies can always rely on you for a good time. You're also always available for a long conversation and a damn good pep talk because you're so insightful. You're the type of friend who never fails to make others feel loved and cared for. You'd remind your pals of all the amazing qualities they have all day long if you had to because you want them to feel powerful in your presence.

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Whenever they're going through a painful experience, you're always a shoulder to cry on. You'd share everything you've got with your friends and then some. Being able to give them gifts, opportunities, and love makes you feel so happy. You'll take your friends under your wing, introduce them to amazing people, and bring them to all the best parties. You want your friends to thrive. You're the type of friend who would help your pals through their hardships in a very practical way. If they need someone to help paint their bedroom walls, you'll be there in an instant.

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  • Nothing makes you happier than making their lives easier. You're the type of friend who's always down for long, stimulating conversations in which you discover deeper meanings about life. You're incredibly fascinating to be around and you're always the person who introduces your friends to each other.

    You're a harmonizing and connecting force. Your commitment to your friends is so deep and intense, it brings up emotions in all of you. You have this way of conjuring "friendship at first sight," as though you were destined to find each other.

    ipdwew0030atl2.public.registeredsite.com/10901-best-smartphone.php There's nothing you wouldn't do for your pals. If someone is their enemy, they're your enemy, too.